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Voyages Into Being...

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From poetry to movement, to installation, I enjoy exploring many creative expressions, however lens work and digital art is my to go staple and typically tends to fall into one of two categories: stillness and mirrors of seeing.

In stillness I enjoy capturing and transmitting the always permeating silence through the beauty of ordinary moments.  You could say that this type of photography has become

inadvertently my mindfulness practice. 


The mirrors of seeing on the other hand, confront us with the truths of our times

through observations of our bizarre, and sometimes painfully absurd civilization.  

These pieces tend to fall into critique type work.  These I think are more rare of the two collections.


Either way, the work often comes spontaneously as a result of bewilderment,

wonder and stillness.


Since my main interest outside of art is the fascination for this mesmerizing existence

called life, deconstructing and exploring the age old question of what is the nature of

consciousness, reality, relationship, and the self, including existential as well as social

layers, I often explore the world of archetypes, myths, beliefs, symbols and associations,

to dig deeper, far into our subconscious, and occasionally weave it into art projects.


If you are interested in learning more or connecting, feel free to reach out HERE


Jestem Polką.  Tambien hablo español.


I hope you enjoy,

Barbara Szymanska


Voyages into Being


Being Scene


Eclectic Heart,

Eccentric Mind -

Tales from the Attic


Being Scene




Abstract my world



a visual meditation


Bio Woman 2016

An International Art



Solo Exhibition:

"Voyages into Being"

Northern District T.P.L.

40 Orchard View Boulevard Toronto

For more information about the exhibit, click Here

Juried Exhibition: "Being Scene"

Group show


Artscape Daniels Spectrum, 1st floor Hallway Gallery,

For more information about the exhibit, click Here

Solo Exhibition:

"Eclectic Heart, Eccentric Mind - Tales from the Attic"

Show Gallery Toronto

Juried Exhibition: "Being Scene"

​Group show, Speaker artist


2022 Gallery at 2104 Dundas St W.  Toronto

For more information about the exhibit, click Here

For more information about selected personal work click Here

For information about the artist guided tours click Here

Juried Exhibition: "Echoes"

​Group show


Women’s Art Association of Canada

Dignam Gallery & Ruth Upjohn Gallery Toronto

For more information about the exhibit, click Here

Group Exhibition: "Abstract my World"

Juried by Robert MacNeil

Tall Sequoia (Online) International Gallery

No longer in publication

Solo Exhibition:

"Toronto; a visual meditation"

Toronto Public Library - Oakwood Village and Art Centre


"Bio Woman 2016"

An International Art Project

Group Show

Thomas Lounge Toronto

Projects & Collaborations

2021 - Present

2012 - Present




2019 - 2020

Current member of Workman Arts

Aboard the Silent Dreamer is an ongoing and ever evolving personal project, combining mindfulness & non-duality, with multiplicity of art, and community.  

For more information click Here

Contributor - online publication

i04 Zine, the Star Collective

Received a certificate of recognition from the international Luxembourg Art Prize for the 2021 submission

Contributor - an international online quarantine art project


Developed by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav

Member Photographers Without Boarders

& Connect



Toronto - Canada


"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Yung

Let's dream the world together

+ 647. 671 8020

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