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From cityscapes to landscapes; Daily life offers plenty of opportunities to feel alive in every moment.  No matter how mundane, each unique universe of perspective invites us to fall in love with the simple beauty in the all around, to feel amazement, elated and memorized by the fact that we are these unfathomable beings moving through such a magical world

into Being

The below album is an eclectic compilation of:

  • landscapes and city-scapes

  • daily meditations and reflections

  • aerial & aquatic

  • a limited anthology from the visual commentary collection

  • other random bioscopes


To view exclusively the complete collection of visual meditations, please visit the lucid pages by clicking below.

"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Yung

Let's dream the together

For those of you who follow the more existential aspects of my work, especially the lucid community via 'aboard the silent dreamer' project, and would like to help support my undertakings, please consider donating via PayPal.


It takes many weeks for projects to come to fruition.  Your contribution will allow me to dedicate more time to create new ways for people to connect in their wake-up journeys  through self reflection, creativity and community.

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