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Luxembourg Art Prize

The annual international Luxembourg Art Prize is on again, and this year they are doing it a little bit differently.  Three groups, eight finalists from each - a total of twenty four artists, organized by the Pinacothèque, a private museum located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Submissions are in.  Alright friends, keep your fingers crossed!

Abstract my World

Art & Photography Exhibition,

Juried by Robert MacNeil

Tall Sequoia Gallery is currently presenting "Abstract my World" as one of their featured shows.   Below is text copied and pasted directly from their web page, simply because they themselves have said it so eloquently:


"Through the lens of our eye as abstract artists and photographers, we see the world differently. The world becomes shapes and colours, combinations of geometric figures and lines of different sizes and patterns, all organized in ways that, seemingly chaotic, actually speak to us.

Abstracting our world into shapes, forms and colours, making it recognizable only to a point, intriguing the viewer with our own representation of the visual reality that is uniquely different from another’s – is the essence of Abstract Art & Photography, and it intrigues us and makes us analyze.  It takes imagination – wild imagination – to explore the use of shapes, colours, forms and patterns without being limited by the boundaries of the real world. These boundaries are not observed; they are purposefully avoided, allowing us to investigate the possibilities of this limitless exploration, taking us on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, feelings, curiosity."

So there you have it; check it out for inspiration, and see if you can spot the works of yours truly ;-)

Here is the link:


show runs from September 8, 2020  until January 30, 2021

A part of something bigger

An amazing quarantine art project recently appeared on the web.  Developed by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, window-swap.com is a beautiful encapsulation of our human longing.  Experience numerous windows from around the world, including recently submitted, our very own.

To check out window swap, click HERE


Sneak Peak

Just in case you missed the last exhibit - "Toronto, a Visual Meditation", here are a couple of recap shots.  The image on the left was taken before the doors were opened, the one on the right captures the actual opening. Hopefully we will see you at the next one!

Upcoming Exhibition: "Toronto; a Visual Meditation"

A mosaic of snapshots from everyday ordinary stillness, featuring frozen moments and contemplative city-scapes.  Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.  The show is scheduled to run for the duration of November 2017.   Artwork will be displayed at the Oakwood Toronto Public Library and Arts Centre, located at: 341 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Toronto Public Library - Oakwood Village and Art Centre - Events


See you there!

Biowoman International Art Project 8

Selected non-commercial work will be displayed alongside other artists in an upcoming show called Biowoman International Art Project.  The exhibition will be held at the Thomas Lounge ( 55 Gould St. ) in Toronto, on Fri, Jul 8 2016, 4:00pm till Sun, Jul 10, 2016 5:00pm.  All are invited!

 BIOWOMAN is a new artistic movement that has started in St. Petersburg in 2013.  Traveling throughout multiple countries such as Russia, Germany, Israel, USA, Canada and France, the mobile art project exhibits works of women artists from around the world in order to give them a chance to make a unique statement.  Today it brings together artists working with different genres, mediums and techniques: painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital art etc., with the purpose of illuminating the unrealized creative and intellectual abilities of all women, while celebrating their differences.  It also seeks to challenge conventional constructions of ‘woman’ through accompanying performances and short lectures.


All are welcome!

For additional information on this exhibit, please reach out.  

Photographers Without Boarders

A friend once told me that any decent craft must have good technique.  Art on the other hand, it is something deeper...


Yes, art makes us feel something.  It changes us.  It changes our outlook.  It digs itself far into our subconscious, into the world of archetypes, beliefs, symbols and associations.  It is the language we use, when we cannot find the right "words".


Art at its best communicates the truths of life, not just as facts, but as feelings - direct connection, direct experience.  We relate because we feel, and through that feeling we touch a oneness of being.  That oneness is our essence, our compass, and our motivation.  It moves us. 

I think as photographers especially, we don't "create" any art.  We simply become open to seeing what is there, what isn't there, and what could be.  Whether sharply painful, or shimmeringly beautiful, we simply capture a possibilty.

As the world becomes more and more aware of its interconnections and interdependence, where each action has an effect on every other part, it is important for me to also play a part in the re-balancing, that is indeed so called for right now.


I am grateful to be able to play this part.


- Active member of Photographers Without Boarders

           the what initiative

THE WHAT INITIATIVE is a personal project, combining mindfulness & non-duality with visual meditations.   For those interested in exploring further, please hop aboard the silent dreamer.  


Soon to come: a compilation of the rawest moments in a book format called "under my skin" - correspondence on life, love, joy, suffering and self-inquiry, through photography, poetry and other collective rants by various authors and artists. Available in hard and soft cover.  To pre-order a copy, please simply reach out.