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Hi peeps, here is a behind the scenes sneak peak of some of the upcoming shows, some we've already had, as well as a bit of background for the projects which I am working on.

Impact - Juried Exhibition

Impact - Juried Group Exhibition

July 9 to August 1, 2024

Location:  Neilson Park Creative Centre
56 Neilson Drive
Etobicoke, ON, M9C 1V7

Reception and Awards Ceremony: Thursday, July 18, 2024, 7 pm to 9 pm

Juried by: Natalia Austin


Pix and the City

Pix and the City

Contact Photography Festival

Online Group Exhibition:

May 1 - 31, 2024

Voyages Into Being

Solo Exhibition:

Voyages Into Being

September 1 - 30, 2023

Northern District T.P.L.

40 Orchard View Boulevard Toronto

Being Scene - Juried Exhibition

A group exhibit, showcasing works by various artists organized by Workman Arts.  I was lucky, and for the second year in a row they have selected on of my works.


If you came out last year, please note that this time around the venue has changed.  It will be located at the Artscape Daniels Spectrum - First Floor Hallway Gallery (585 Dundas St E., near Dundas and Ossington).  The show will run from

April 20th until May 13th, 2023, Monday to Friday 9AM - 9PM.  Saturdays 9AM - 6PM.


See you there!

Eclectic Heart, Eccentric Mind - Tales from the Attic

Upcoming Solo Exhibition:

Eclectic Heart, Eccentric Mind - Tales from the Attic

April 17 - 23, 2023

Show Gallery

978 Queen St W. Toronto

A week of intimate viewing in a laid back, interactive environment.  This was a rummage show & sale of some of my early work, as well as various prints, postcards and random non-classifiable works (hence the name). 

Zine i04 - Star Collective

The i04 issue of the Star Collective's Zine is finally here. 

Contributions include visual work and poetry.

Click Here for more details on the Star Collective.



Wings cannot open beyond the cage of must

Little hearts pound under composed uniform 

eyes shimmer what voices cannot.

I know u know. 


Let me entice you with the midnight shore

Where time will stop and the milky way will stretch

You can hold my hand

while I walk us 

into the cold, unknown water

Being Scene - Juried Exhibition

"A group exhibit, showcasing works by various artists,   exploring different conceptual and material approaches that illustrate compelling ideas and narratives inspired by diverse lived experiences."


Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.  The show is scheduled from April 1 - 28, 2022.   Artwork will be displayed at Narwhal Gallery, located at: 2104 Dundas ST W, Toronto.  Stay tuned for further updates.

For more information, visit


See you there!

Echoes - Juried Exhibition

The Women's Art Association of Canada is hosting a new international group exhibition called "Echoes".

As described on their website, "Echoes - Capturing and layering fleeting moments in time as they unfold in our response to changing rhythms of the urban and natural world"

Happy to report that my "Virtual Forest" made the cut. 


Below is a snippet from the submission:

"With the force of its tide, the Corona virus spilled over the globe bringing it to a halt. I found myself in an uncanny new world, oscillating between the silent alone-ness of the neighbouring woods and the echoes of my former life, rebounding off of screens in the form of virtual backgrounds, avatars and other pseudo-reality simulations.

In the past my art explored how the world of archetypes, beliefs, myths, symbols and associations, along with the mechanics of consciousness gives meaning to our existence through interpretation. This new 'pandemial' series however juxtaposes our urban and natural experience duding the era of Covid19. Capturing moments of isolation, restriction and introspection through photography, and later overlapped digitally to encapsulate the changing blend of natural and virtual worlds, shifting our perception of our ever-evolving, multi-layered world."


This in-person exhibit will run from March 12 - 30, 2022.

Location: Dignam Gallery and Ruth Upjohn Gallery

23 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto

Free admission, all are welcome.


Opening reception: March 12, 1 - 3

For more details click Here

Luxembourg Art Prize

The annual international Luxembourg Art Prize is on again, and this year they are doing it a little bit differently.  Three groups, eight finalists from each - a total of twenty four artists, organized by the Pinacothèque, a private museum located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Submissions are in.  Alright friends, keep your fingers crossed!

Update - Dec. 2021

Okay, so I did not quite make it into the top 25 (insert chuckle here), but the certificate of recognition is an encouraging consolation prize :-)

Abstract My World - Juried Exhibition

Abstract my World

Art & Photography Online Group Exhibition

Juried by Robert MacNeil

Tall Sequoia Gallery is currently presenting "Abstract my World" as one of their featured shows.   Below is text copied and pasted directly from their web page, simply because they themselves have said it so eloquently:


"Through the lens of our eye as abstract artists and photographers, we see the world differently. The world becomes shapes and colours, combinations of geometric figures and lines of different sizes and patterns, all organized in ways that, seemingly chaotic, actually speak to us.

Abstracting our world into shapes, forms and colours, making it recognizable only to a point, intriguing the viewer with our own representation of the visual reality that is uniquely different from another’s – is the essence of Abstract Art & Photography, and it intrigues us and makes us analyze.  It takes imagination – wild imagination – to explore the use of shapes, colours, forms and patterns without being limited by the boundaries of the real world. These boundaries are not observed; they are purposefully avoided, allowing us to investigate the possibilities of this limitless exploration, taking us on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, feelings, curiosity."

So there you have it; check it out for inspiration, and see if you can spot the works of yours truly ;-)

Here is the link:

show runs from September 8, 2020  until January 30, 2021

Window Swap - A Quarantine Art Project

A part of something bigger

An amazing quarantine art project recently appeared on the web.  Developed by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, is a beautiful encapsulation of our human longing.  Experience numerous windows from around the world, including recently submitted, my very own.

To check out window swap, click Here

Toronto; A Visual Meditation - Solo Exhibition

A mosaic of snapshots from everyday ordinary stillness, featuring frozen moments and contemplative city-scapes.  Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.  The show is scheduled to run for the duration of November 2017.  

Oakwood Toronto Public Library and Arts Centre

341 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto. 

Here are a couple of recap shots.  The image on the left captures the actual opening, and the one to the right was taken just before the doors opened. Hopefully we will see you at the next one!

Bio Woman - An International Art Project

Selected work will be displayed at an upcoming travelling group show called Biowoman International Art Project. 

BIOWOMAN is a new artistic movement that has started in St. Petersburg,  in 2013.  Traveling throughout multiple countries such as Russia, Germany, Israel, USA, Canada and France, the mobile art project exhibits works of women artists from around the world in order to give them a chance to make a unique statement.  Today it brings together artists working with different genres, mediums and techniques: painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital art etc., with the purpose of illuminating the unrealized creative and intellectual abilities of all women, while celebrating their differences.  It also seeks to challenge conventional constructions of ‘woman’ through accompanying performances and short lectures.

Thomas Lounge

55 Gould St. Toronto

Fri, Jul 8 2016, 4:00pm till Sun, Jul 10, 2016 5:00pm

All are invited, admission is free.

For more information on the travelling exhibit click Here, or visit the facebook page Here.

Aboard the Silent Dreamer

Aboard the Silent Dreamer is a personal project, combining mindfulness, non-duality  and visual self-confrontations.   From poetry to community, it combines various streams to trigger stillness, connect with others and transmit the energetic power of  ... 

For those interested in exploring further, please hop aboard the silent dreamer Here.


Soon to come: a compilation of the rawest moments in a book format called "under my skin" - correspondence on life, love, joy, suffering & self-inquiry.  Through photography, poetry and other collective rants by various authors and artists shares the essence of the joys and growing pains of waking up. Soft cover and E-format.  To pre-order a copy, please simply reach out.

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